Privacy Policy

Everyone should know Privacy Policy. Because the user should know about it. If you want to know about our privacy policy then you have come to the right page. You will find complete information about our privacy policy here. Detailed information is describe below.

Google Analytics

Through the Google Analytics page, we can know your movements. Which page you visited, male/female, browser, country, ip address and more than information. So we get your information through google analytic.

Logs File

User information is accessed by third parties through log files. For example: IP Address, referral page, time and date, exit page, number of clicks, site status, site activity, etc, Browser type and more than information. We can find out information through a log file.


Our ads use cookies. through which your information may pass to third parties. In addition, if you give us any kind of comment in the comment box, then your name, ip address, email id and your report comes to us.

which is stored for a specified period of time. In addition, if you know on our login page, your information is collected by the hosting provider, which is used by the hosting provider for our privacy. However, no personal information is stored here.


When you submit your valuable feedback in our comment box. This information is automatically made visible to us. We get some information through your comments. Which we keep for about 1 year or spam. For example- your email id, name, ip address and personally identifiable report.

Third Party cookie

Your information may be pass to third parties through our advertisers. When you click on one of our ads, your information is share with third parties. This is not acceptable to our privacy policy. Comes to us interactively through Google ads.

If you choose not to transfer your information to third parties. Then you can use browsing privacy. Many people wonder what cookies are? When your information is transferred to the browser history or third parties through Internet use, it is call a cookie. If you wish to close your cookies, from browser options. 

DoubleClick DART Cookie

When you click on any ad on our page. Then your Double DART cookie goes to google advisor. As they know such information. Such as- ip address, gender, browsing name and more than information, they are collected by internet browsing.

If you want to know more than information then you can following URL –

protect your data

Your complete information is 100% safe with us. Which is unlikely to go to third parties. But we do not guarantee that data passed through third parties is completely secure.

If outside of this we want to know any information about privacy. Then feel free to contact us.

Thanks visiting on our site – privacy policy page.