How to Install Printer Driver & Software For Windows All Method

Request for many forums and google how to install the printer driver & software. In this post we explain all the details information printer driver setup procedure. In this post you can know all methods such as- how to install without cd, manually and CD disc.

All kinds of users are faced with the installation of the printer aren’t install. When you don’t google knowledge about setup then this problem faces the users. If you primary users then this post are helpful, just scroll down: follow to our install procedure:-

We use printers for various tasks every day. Many people think that: After buying the printer, the printer will work only by connecting it via USB or WIFI connection.

But not only that, it is the medium of connection. Printers and devices work properly only when you have the correct driver software. This post is for those who do not know how to install the correct driver.

How To Install Printer Driver & Software

Are you searching how to install a printer or scanner driver? Then the right driver installation process is given below. Step by step all details information check and ready of the printer within a proper installation mission are done. All method are explain below, follow to our installation method 1: Manually

  • You need the preferred driver software download, keep the file of your drive. Now, follow to next level of installation:-
  • From the Start button, go to the “Control Panel” of your computer.

Click to “Add Printer”

  • this printer aren’t install click
  • click to add local printer
  • From the list like USB Printer USB Port
  • click to hard disk
  • Locate File Selected and Load the Driver
  • your screen show the printer and click to next button

click use the driver current driver install

Show of your printer

  • you screen show successfully added the driver and you want check through print a test page.

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