Epson L130 Resetter Free Download For Windows 10 64 Bit

Today we support for users who don’t know Epson L130 Resetter & Adjustment Program Software download method are installed guideline in this post. We hope you can find the right solution. when your epson l130 single function printer does face that red light blinking or error notification “service required” warning message.

Have you found the original “Epson L130 Resetter” free download original software? so, You can find out the best resetter software which 100% works for the usable. You can solve the L series of the printer L130 ink tank printer. Single resetter software used to factory setting and also (L220 | L310 | L360 | L365) adjustment program.

Why is the printer Red Light Blinking?

Non-stop red light blinking problems are faced every day by a large number of users. For them, they question why appeared “service required or error notification” and red light blinking this problem. In this section are details information are description:-

When your printer is used for a long time then the printer waste ink pad counters are full. At this point, it appears that the printer isn’t workable, so it does not stop light blinking.

How to Solve Service Required or error Notification EPSON L130?

After any problem, you must figure out what the problem really is. If you are facing the problem that the red light on the printer goes off and the error message shows while printing on your device. It is a technical problem. Don’t worry it is a common problem, this problem will solve it, some of the rules follow.

We are always active by your side. To solve various problems with the printer. In this post, we include detailed information on how to download the resetter and install guidelines of the epson l130 printer. so, follow on our content.

Epson L130 Adjustment Program Resetter Download

Every day we use printers for various tasks. Whatever, different forums know that many users are facing red light blinking issues. So, this problem solved google focus keyword “how to download resetter software”.

If you want to download the full version fully free epson l130 waste ink pad counter reset software in our page- It is a common problem for the users that red light blinking is a problem.

How to Reset Epson L130 printer Waste Ink Pad Counter install guideline and original full version of reset link are available here. So, For downloading the software there is no service charge.

Downloading the EPSON L130 Resetter

To download the EPSON L130 Resetter, follow these steps:

  1. Search online for the EPSON L130 Resetter software.
  2. Look for a reliable source that offers the original and free download of the resetter software.
  3. Click on the download link provided on the website.
  4. Ensure that you are downloading the resetter software compatible with your operating system.

Using the EPSON L130 Resetter

Once you have downloaded the EPSON L130 Resetter software, follow these instructions to use it effectively:

  1. Extract the downloaded file to a specific folder on your computer.
  2. Locate the extracted folder and run the resetter program.
  3. Make sure your Epson L130 printer is connected to your computer and turned on.
  4. Within the resetter program, select the “Waste Ink Pad Counter” option.
  5. Click on the “Check” button to determine the ink pad status.
  6. If the ink pad counter has reached its limit, select the “Initialization” option to reset it.
  7. Wait for the reset process to complete. The printer may restart during this process.
  8. After the reset is successful, close the resetter program and restart your printer.

How to Install Epson L130 Printer Resetter?

We learned about the Epson L130 Resetter adjustment program and installed the right method. so, We hope you can follow it, right method setup of your printer and successfully solve the non stop red light blinking problem.

  • Resetter software download will go to the location where the reset software is carried.
  • Zip/Rar files are unzip (So, if need Rar software download).
  • Open the file and hit the adjprog.exe setup file.
  • New window show of your screen, now selected “Epson L130 model of the printer”
selected “Epson L130 model of the printer
  • Then, ‘Particular adjustment mode’ like from the right side.
  • You window screen a different list, now like “waste ink pad counter” with Ok Button click now.
Epson L130 Resetter waste ink pad counter” with Ok Button click
  • click to “Main Pad Counter” and first check button click then initialize”
Main Pad Counter” and first check button click then initialize
  • Successfully your setup wizard is done, your screen shows the OK button.
Epson L130 Resetter successfully done
  • Now, recommend your screen turn the power off the printer.
  • Again, the printer powers on, hopefully the printer is working as before.

FAQ (Question / Answer)

  • How do I reset my Epson l130 printer?
  • Answer: The above download section includes the link.
  • Where to get EPSON L130 Resetter Download Link?
  • Answer: without charge, we share for you download link which up “download section” are available.
  • How do I clean my Epson L130?
  • Answer: used to resetter software.
  • How do I nozzle check on Epson L3210?
  • Answer: proprietor “maintenance” you can ut.

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